Do you deliver and can you remove old appliances?
Yes, we take care of local delivery and can arrange for removal of old appliances.

What will this cost?
This service is carried by our freight forwarder whose charges are determined by location and time required. This means we do not know the costs in advance, so we pass these along in arrears in the Final Invoice.

Alternatively by prior arrangement, you can pick-up from the freight forwarder's warehouse or arrange your own transportation.

Do you install?
While we are a supply only company, we work closely with dedicated service technicians whom we recommend.

Do you have a showroom?
Our roots are in Bermuda and we have offices, staff, and service technicians on the island.

We also have appliance displays at various locations across the island of brands for which we are the authorised dealer, including Sub-Zero & Wolf and Kitchenaid. Please ask to make arrangements to view these models or to arrange professional kitchen design and installation.

For other products we do not maintain a physical showroom, preferring to maintain a warehouse offshore near to the port. We are in a very competitive market and in this way we can reduce our overhead costs and pass along savings to the customer in the form of lower prices.

What Are The Benefits?

Shipping custom orders from our factory-authorized supply chain and warehouse storage in the U.S has several advantages:

—You get the model you want, not just the one in stock.

—You get the latest model with the latest features.

—Goods are always brand new, not aged or shop-soiled.

—Lower overhead so we can keep our prices competitive.

What about manufacturers' prices?
You may see prices listed on manufacturers' web sites—our starting price is always lower than that, to which we add standard shipping costs and Customs duties. Your quotation will show a full breakdown.

What if I find a better price elsewhere?

Bermuda Supply prides itself on being the most competitive supplier on the island, and we will attempt to match the price of a documented quotation from an alternative Bermuda supplier.

How long does it take to receive my order?
For appliances and plumbing fixtures it takes about 2 weeks, if the pieces are in stock in our US warehouse (which they usually are!). If we need to order a piece from the manufacturer it might take another 7—10 days, unless the item is on backorder (which we will tell you about before the order is placed). Our ready-to-assemble line of hardwood cabinets (Forevermark) are available immediately, but custom cabinets are made to order and this can take about 4-5 weeks.

Do you accept credit cards?
Sorry, no, not normally. The cost of credit card processing would increase our overhead, and we would rather keep your price as low as possible.

What about a warranty?
Yes! We provide a warranty on appliances, plumbing fixtures, and cabinets. Please see specific terms here.

What about parts and repair?

There are just too many parts to carry in stock—although we do provide parts for items covered under warranty. We recommend contacting a local service technician, who we can recommend.

For direct parts sales from the US contact ApplianceZone — a separate company that ships directly to Bermuda.

Do you sell small appliances?
We do not keep small or hand-held appliances in stock.

What happens if something is damaged when my shipment arrives?

We take out insurance on your behalf for all shipments, and we conduct all administration with the insurance company. Please see our Damage Report Form and we’ll work with you towards resolution.